Xbox 360 Slim Flashing/Unlocking

To arrange this service, please click HERE to be taken to our order form!

We are now offering an unlocking/flashing service for some slim consoles. LT+3.0 is out and compatible with the latest dashboard - 17349. £40 for unlocking and flashing, £20 if it has been previously unlocked!

Unfortunately this cannot be offered while you wait, unless ofcourse you want to wait for up to 1:30hours! So droping off and picking up later is advised.

We are currently only unlocking/flashing Liteon drives made before Jun 2011 (some up to Sep 2011). Below is a picture to help you identify which make of drive is in your xbox 360 slim, all you need to do is press eject!

There is currently no service offered for Hitatchi and 1175+ drives. Any questions about this service, do not hesitate to ask! visit the contact us page HERE to phone/email!